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Our Approach


Our first step is to find out what information you need to make decisions and take action. By involving all parties up front, we can make sure that the most important questions are answered, and that the evidence we gather is credible to those who will be using it.


We find that the results of an evaluation are more meaningful if program staff and other key stakeholders are involved in the process. As you work with the data, you will develop a stronger understanding of the findings and their implications.

Ongoing Communication

You hold an important role throughout the project. We tell you what we are doing - in plain English! - and keep you informed of the results as they come in. Your feedback helps us modify the research plan as necessary.

Research Standards

Quality is important to us. Our work is guided by the Program Evaluation Standards and the Canadian Evaluation Society’s Guidelines for Ethical Conduct.

Open and Friendly

We enjoy a good laugh or a friendly pat on the back when we are working together. Maintaining an open and friendly atmosphere lets us share constructive criticism and improve the quality of our work.